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SSRI’s Initiative on Qualitative, Ethnographic, and Mixed-Methods Research aims to enable scholars of all levels at Duke to become conversant in a diverse range of research traditions, methods of design, data collection techniques, and data analysis strategies.

We provide a range of support for researchers who are learning and advancing qualitative research agendas on campus.

  • Director of SSRI (Economics and Sanford School of Public Policy)
  • Dean of the Social Sciences (Sociology)
  • Associate Director of SSRI
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    Picture of student listening to lecture
    Tim Buthe, Political Science
    This course offers a systematic exploration of key issues in research design and methods: examines epistemology, observation and description, causality, case selection, and case study research design. It also covers... more
    Female Students listening
    Charlotte Clark, Nicholas School of the Environment
    This seminar focuses on the needs of graduate students considering or involved in qualitative research, with an emphasis on applied tools: project design, data collection, data analysis, and interpretation. Mixed... more
    Female Students working on laptop in class
    Pam Edwards, School of Nursing
    This course provides students with the opportunity to explore a wide range of methods that can be used to evaluate student learning, with the exception of multiple-choice tests and clinical performance since those... more
    Students and female Teacher,  Amanda, teaching in front of screen
    Amanda Flaim, Sanford School of Public Policy
    This course comprises a rigorous introduction to qualitative methods of inquiry through two overlapping trajectories of engagement. First, students learn how to collect, manage, analyze, and represent qualitative data... more
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